Video Delivery Platform



Offer your service on Android STB, Android TV, mobile or Web

Premium UX

Let your viewers enjoy content-oriented UI and simple navigation

Content Discovery

Increase user engagement with quick and easy access to content

UniqCast Turnkey Solution, mobile view, platform PaaS, Content oriented UX, EPG

Streaming and CDN

Optimize investment with built-in streaming capabilities


Benefit from flexible content packaging and up-sell options


Improve your service with insight in content usage and user actions

Video Delivery Over Any Network

uCast video delivery platform enables Telcos, ISPs, mobile, OTT and DVB providers to launch interactive multiscreen services over Internet, DVB or private IP networks. It combines content / subscriber management, streaming / CDN and client applications and is the core of the UniqCast turnkey solution.

Any Device

Reach your viewers on Android TVs, ATV / AOSP, hybrid or IP STBs, mobile or web.


Introduce platform as a service model or simply share investment in headend with other providers.

Flexible Business Models

Explore various pricing options that fit in any business plan and make your business work.

Linear TV

Attractive UI delivering SD, HD, FHD and 4K video content for DTH, DTT, IPTV and OTT

Fast Channel Change

improved UX with error correction and up to 60% faster zapping time

Catchup TV and nPVR

Engaging viewers with option to watch favorite content at any convenient time

Video on Demand

Viewers are able to easily browse through on-demand catalog of movies and series

UniqCast Turnkey Solution, attractive UI for Linear TV, faster zapping time, better UX, Catchup TV and nPVR, Video on Demand


Offer your video service on mobile, PC, Smart TV devices to reach more viewers and increase engagement

TV to Go

Viewers are able to share same service, cast video or continue watching on any device

Android TV

Google certified STBs and UniqCast Operator Tier launcher enables you to offer all available Android apps

Hybrid STB

Several DVB-S/T/C STB models are supported allowing operator to combine DVB and OTT within one service

UniqCast Turnkey Solution, multiscreen service on mobile, PC, Smart TV; TV to GO with viewers sharing service, video casting and continue watching on any device; AndroidTV and google certified STBs; Hybrid STB (DVB + OTT in one service)

Monetize Your Content

Flexible packaging and pricing options allow you to prepare competitive offering, supporting your business model and monetize live, on demand, recorded content, apps or services such as storage, number of devices or Catchup TV.


Group content and services in packages, define pricing options for different subscribers and start monetizing it

TV Store

Bundle movies, channels, apps or items such as mobile data, TVs, phones, etc. and up-sell it from the UI


Benefit from 40+ existing reports or easily create new ones to get insight in content consumption and user behaviour

Design your Dashboard

Change main screen to your preference and market requirements to differentiate toward competitors

Central Search

Let viewers quickly find content from one spot, increasing user engagement and content consumption

Voice Command

Use bluetooth remote control to search or navigate UI with voice commands on ATV or AOSP devices

TV Guide

Several different EPG views enable viewers to easily find interesting TV shows in their preferred way

UniqCast Turnkey Solution, design dashboard and change main screen to preference to be better than competition; central search to quickly find content from one spot; Voice command for controlling the service; TV guide with several EPG vuews


Built-in streaming supports live TV, catchup TV, nPVR, on-demand video delivery over Internet or private network


Build your private video delivery network to add streaming closer to viewers, improve UX and optimize bandwidth usage

Content preparation

Automate your workflow for offline transcoding, encrypting and publishing your on demand content


Open APIs are available to integrate with billing, CRM, 3rd party CDN, recommendation engines or ad servers

UniqCast Turnkey Solution, built-in streaming supports liveTV, catch-up TV, nPVR, on-demand library over internet or private network; Build your private CDN (content delivery network) to improve UX and optimize bandwidth usage; content preparation with automate workflow for offline transcoding, encryption, and publishing; Integrations via API to integrate billing, CRM, recommendation engines, ad servers or other CDNs


Platform comes with administration, device management, monitoring, analytics and virtualization / NFV support. It helps operator to easily operate it, troubleshoot and optimize operations.


Admin friendly web interface allows you to manage complete video service

Device Management

Control STB devices, push firmware or app updates, check status from one admin interface


Proactively monitor performance and alarms of used components and services

Mahmood Ulhaq Digicon MIME testimonial for UniqCast
As UniqCast platform has different API’s for integration we were able to easily integrate the platform with our prepaid billing system and VOD content provider.
Mahmood Ulhaq— COO at DIGICON
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