About UniqCast

UniqCast was founded by former executives of established IPTV vendors and operators, seeing an opportunity in leveraging their extensive experience in marketing, business and technical fields of the IPTV/OTT, to help operators building turnkey IPTV/OTT solutions. With excellent insight in the industry, operators pains and offering of the existing IPTV vendors, company managed to come out with unique turnkey solution, taking care of every aspect of TV service that operator needs, to successfully run the TV service.

UniqCast main goal is to help mobile, DVB and fixed operators and companies building residential areas, to build turnkey IPTV/OTT solution in a cost efficient way, delivering enjoyable TV experience to the end users. We provide single point of contact and full, end to end responsibility, to guarantee on time project delivery and successful launch of TV service. With UniqCast, you get covered all aspects of the solution and possibility to absorb knowledge and experiences from our technical team.

Company is represented by a group of experienced IPTV professionals with strong track record in the IPTV and OTT industry. With headquarters based in Croatia, European Union and sales and technical office in Republic of South Africa, we are fully covering EMEA region. Our unique approach already convinced and provided benefits to several operators in the region.

We bring you a unique TV experience. Whether as a enjoyable user experience on the TV, adapted business model, tailored technical solution, integration of new or existing components in the solution or building close partnership with operator to share knowledge and experience, everything we do is aimed to help operator in running a successful IPTV/OTT service.

UniqCast main expertise are network analyzes and consultancy, IPTV end to end solution design, project delivery, integrations of billing, CRM or other existing or new systems and consultancy on all aspects of the TV service from technical to business, organizational or marketing. If it goes for how to organize IPTV department or how to promote and position TV service on the market, we are committed to help you and together build a successful, quickly growing TV service.

UniqCast is young and fast growing company. We are constantly looking for talented and motivated IPTV experts to help us grow. Do you want to join us? Please write us on jobs@uniqcast.tv.