Upgrade your service with interactive TV

UniqCast turnkey OTT / DVB solution enables Cable, DTT and DTH providers to introduce interactivity and multiscreen features to differentiate toward competitors.

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End-to-end responsibility

UniqCast turnkey OTT / DVB solution with transcoding,  CMS / MW, streaming / CDN, CAS / DRM, client applications and hybrid STB devices, enables you to upgrade DVB service with no risk and with short delivery times.

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reduce churn

Go Multiscreen

Introduce video services on mobile to engage subscribers and ensure revenues.

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increase arpu

Interactive TV

Extend existing DVB service with Catchup TV, Android apps and other up-sell options.

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lower opex

Hybrid Service

Use combination of DVB and OTT video delivery to optimize bandwidth usage.

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UniqCast OTT solution enabled us to offer multiscreen TV service to several cable operators in the region from a single platform.
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Hybrid STB

Introduce hybrid STB to reuse existing DVB network for live TV, and still deliver other interactive services such as Catchup TV, nPVR, Android apps, movies and series.
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Offline Mode

Offer hybrid STB also to customers without the Internet, so they can have the same STB as others and you can easily up-sell them interactive TV services, once they order Internet.
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Separate subscribers, content, packages, analytics and billing between the virtual operators and allow platform as a service model, where each DVB operator controls only his services.
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Use 40+ prepared reports for feature and content consumption, that will help you optimize your offering. In addition, it is possible to easily create new reports as per your needs.
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