Monetize Your Access Network

For Telco or ISP, UniqCast turnkey IPTV solution brings you competitive TV service with attractive user interface that will help you grow number of broadband subscribers.

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End-to-end responsibility

UniqCast turnkey IPTV solution includes all required components from video headend, CMS / MW, streaming and DRM to analytics and monitoring. We provide technical, business or content consultancy, to make your service a success.

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improve retention

Start with IPTV

Content-oriented interface improves UX and brings you new subscribers

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increase arpu

Add OTT service

Introduce multiscreen and OTT services with several up-sell options

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optimize tco

Legacy replacement

Replace legacy system with new MW and CDN to lower OPEX and reduce churn

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Portrait of Shoaib Khan, CTO at Cable & Wireless Seychelles Comment created
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The UniqCast team was very supportive and professional in all stages of the project and helped us in successful and on-time TV service launch.
Shoaib Khan— CTO at Cable & Wireless Seychelles
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Android TV

Various Google certified STBs and UniqCast Operator Tier launcher enable you to quickly finish Google ATV certification and attract new subscribers with Android apps.
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Support for Android Smart TVs, mobile and web devices enables you to offer OTT service with companion features, extend your reach and increase user engagement.
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Streaming and CDN

Solution comes with built-in streaming / CDN support. That simplifies architecture, removes the need to integrate costly CDNs and allows for quicker time to market.
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Operational Tools

Several tools for controlling STBs, upgrading SW and apps, central log collection, monitoring of all components, video streams and services, allow you to efficiently operate the service.
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