We support your success!

We help you to successfully design, launch and operate your video services. UniqCast team of experts provides network and solution design, consultancy, project delivery, integrations and operational support. We are here to make your life easier.

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Call Support

We continuously offer professional 24/7 support via designated portal and call center so that we can assist you at any time.
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Need some advice or information regarding your project? Let us know how we can assist you at sales@uniqcast.com
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Have IPTV/OTT/DVB related question? Read our FAQ section or get in touch at sales@uniqcast.com

Professional Services

When we say we provide you with a turnkey solution we really mean it. UniqCast provides you with so much more than just the technical solution. We are here in every step of the way of your project journey from the initial conversation, planning stage, helping you make the most cost-effective decisions to delivering your personalized solution and giving you professional support to help you grow a sustainable and successful service.

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Solution Design

designing and installing all supportive systems such as system backup, STB and video stream monitoring, to simplify daily operations and make operator's life easier

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consultancy on all business, marketing and technical aspects of designing IPTV/OTT service

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Project Delivery

project management and project delivery, installing and configuring all IPTV systems to work perfectly together

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assisting you in finding the right content provider and partner for your service as per your needs and requirements

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Billing / CRM

support for integration of existing billing and provisioning systems with IPTV/OTT

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Operational Support

operational support in babysitting period, helping operator to smoothly launch the service

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network consultancy, analysis and design to guarantee IP access or core network is fully ready for IPTV/OTT video delivery

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integration with wide array of systems and third part solutions, especially if custom-made solution is needed

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End to End Support

support throughout the whole chain, from signal ingest all the way to delivery to your clients' devices  and even beyond that