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UniqCast turnkey OTT solution enables network operators, broadcasters, OTT providers and content owners to build centralized platform for global video delivery over Internet.

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End-to-end responsibility

Based on your needs, select either turnkey OTT solution with transcoding and all other required components or only uCast video delivery platform. In any case, we will help you launch a successful OTT service.

Interested to learn more? An easy-to-understand guide will help you better navigate IPTV/OTT technology.

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Global reach

With adaptive streaming you are able to connect viewers from any network provider.

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Niche markets

Deliver your content over Internet to diaspora or other specific user groups.

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increase revenue

Platform as a Service

Offer platform as a service to other network providers and split the initial investment.

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With UniqCast as our partner, the project delivery phase was very fast without any delays. They helped us with the necessary integrations.
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Multi Operator

Separate subscribers, content, packages, analytics and billing between the virtual operators and allow platform as a service model, where each virtual operator controls only his services.
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Support for Android Smart TVs, mobile and web devices enables you to offer OTT service with companion features, extend your reach and increase user engagement.
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Streaming and CDN

Solution comes with built-in streaming / CDN support. That simplifies architecture, removes the need to integrate costly CDNs and allows quicker time to market.
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Content Packaging

Flexible packaging options allow you to offer various promotions, business models and up-sell options, from weekend discounts to different content bundles.
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