Properly designed network is the key for a successful IPTV / OTT service

Not sure if your network is ready for multicast delivery? Let us help you.

Get ready for IPTV and OTT service

  • Analyze

    End to end testing and equipment monitoring to find weak spots in your network.

  • Design

    Network architecture design and dimensioning for high quality IPTV / OTT service.

  • Implement

    Configuration and finetuning of any network element from CPE to DSLAMs and core routers.

Network consultancy with wide range of services

verifying network architecture to be ready for the multicast and unicast video streaming in all operator’s regions

network architecture design and dimensioning for central and edge locations based on the planned streaming capacity

end to end testing of multicast and unicast video delivery in real network conditions to find and resolve weak spots

verifying multicast and QoS configuration on core routers, DSLAMs and CPE devices to support high quality video delivery

measuring and interpreting results on packet loss, bandwidth throughput and network delay in different parts of the network

providing historical reports on the DSL lines performance using uniqCast DSL monitoring tools

troubleshooting and finetuning of the configuration on the core routers and switches, DSLAMs and CPE devices

training and guidance of operator’s network teams to understand multicast and unicast streaming requirements

Simplify your operations with advanced monitoring tools