In today's episode, Ivan Biljan and Domagoj Bartolić delve into the realm of advertising within the OTT space, uncovering solutions to tackle the common challenges faced by operators. Join us as we explore how advertising can unlock new revenue potential and elevate the user experience.

Key Points

  1. Identifying Pain Points: Domagoj and Ivan shed light on the challenges operators encounter in operating OTT services, including high operational costs and the need to enhance revenue amidst pricing pressures.
  2. Introducing UniqCast Advertising Solution: Learn about uCast Advertising, a comprehensive service designed to address these challenges head-on by empowering operators to monetize their platforms effectively. Discover how it offers flexibility in ad placement and smart targeting for personalized advertising.
  3. Comprehensive Advertising Solutions: Explore the range of advertising options supported by UniqCast, including video ads, in-app ads, and integration with industry-standard ad servers for advanced analytics and tracking.
  4. Showcasing the Backend: Dive into the powerful backend of UniqCast, enabling operators to define advertising packages, locations, content assignments, and subscriber activations, providing flexibility and control.
  5. Live Demonstration: Witness advertising in action across various content types and devices, ensuring a consistent and engaging viewer experience.

Discover how UniqCast Advertising offers operators a robust toolset to overcome the challenges of OTT service management and monetization. Whether it's increasing revenue, personalizing viewer experience, or streamlining operations, UniqCast provides the solutions needed for success in the ever-evolving OTT landscape.