As an operator of an OTT/IPTV/DVB service your goal is not just to get a subscriber for your video streaming service but to enable them to additionally spend money outside their subscription package.

Trying to get them to take action by wasting resources on additional advertising or marketing activities can be rather annoying for the subscriber.

There is a much better way to increase ARPU and upsell your services - use TV Store integrated within the platform.

Join Ivan Biljan and Domagoj Bartolic as they demonstrate the TV Store on the UniqCast OTT/IPTV platform.

With TV Store, you can create different products with flexible pricing options and upsell them from the UI.

You can bundle any content available in the system into different products to create various promotions and offerings.

Simply add products in different categories and promote them with pictures, videos, and text.

Also, you can link products with external offerings such as TVs, mobile packages, and Internet packages to engage your customers.

The best part is that the process is extremely easy and fast, ensuring a greater chance that your subscribers will actually use it.